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I’m David Stotijn,
an Amsterdam-based software engineer.

This is my little home on the web where I talk about work and write bits and bobs on software development.

About me

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a keen interest in tinkering with computers and building things with them. I’ve been lucky enough to make a living doing just that for well over a decade. Aside from crafting software, I really enjoy playing piano and guitar. I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and son.


I’m a Freelance Software Engineer with 10+ years’ experience building and maintaining web applications and services on cloud infrastructure.

I love working with teams on interesting product and engineering challenges, approaching them with a pragmatic mindset. My area of expertise is backend web development using Go and TypeScript (Node.js), but I also know my way around React and Svelte on the frontend.

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Below is a list of selected work experience. For full details, read my CV (PDF).

Side projects