I’m David Stotijn,
a software engineer from Amsterdam.

Hello! Welcome to my homepage. Here you’ll find info about me, my work, articles, and side projects.

About me

Profile picture of David StotijnFor as long as I can remember I enjoy tinkering with computers and building things. I’m very grateful to do this for a living, over 10 years already now. Aside from tech I really enjoy music; mostly playing piano and guitar. I live in Amsterdam, where I was also born.

This website is just a small home on the web to put assorted stuff I’ve created over the years. The source code is on GitHub. I registered the domain v0x.nl a few years ago as a quick-to-type hostname for hosting side projects.


After a few years building websites at smaller studios, I got involved with APIs and web services in 2015 when I joined MessageBird, an Amsterdam based telecom startup. There I helped develop Flow Builder, a no-code platform for creating automated SMS, voice and chat workflows.

I’m currently at Framer, helping build and maintain the backend for its cloud based prototyping tool: Framer Web.


Get in touch

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, LinkedIn or send me an e-mail.